Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Au Pair Pocket Money

We have updated our au pair pocket money information. This information comes from feedback that we have received from au pairs and families over the past year

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*From speaking to our families and au pairs, in families where an au pair is paid a higher rate of pocket money (€125+), their au pair usually stays longer (approx 1 year) than with families who pay a lower rate of pocket money (up to €100). 

A Standard Au Pair
A standard au pair is an au pair who works either 30 hours per week plus 2 nights babysitting (with a maximum of 1 of these to be at the weekend) or 35 hours plus 1 night babysitting per week. We recommend that a standard au pair receive €100 pocket money per week. 

Au pairs in cities usually receive more pocket money (average €100-120) than au pairs living in the country (average €80-100).

In cases where an au pair minds 3+ children or they care for more than 1 young child, the au pair will often receive more than the recommended €100 and may receive up to €140 particularly in cases where both parents work. 

Demi Au Pair
A demi au pair works for 15-25 hours per week and 1 or 2 nights babysitting. A demi au pair will receive between €50-80 per week. A demi au pair is the least popular option of all au pairs for Irish families as many families require an au pair for longer hours than a demi au pair can provide.

Au Pair Plus
This is an au pair who works for 40 hours plus 1 night of babysitting. An au pair plus receives between €130-150 per week in families with up to 2 children. In families with more than 3 children or very young children an au pair plus will often receive between €150-170 pocket money per week.

Mother's Help
A live-in mother's help will often have English as their mother tongue or will be a fluent English speaker. A mother's help can work up to 10 hours per day and does not attend English classes. They usually have good childcare experience and are aged 21+ years. They work up to 50 hours per week plus 1 night of babysitting. A mother's help will often progress to working as a live out nanny after 1 or 2 years. A mother's help will receive pocket money of €150-200 per week. Mother's helps are a very popular option for families but it can prove difficult to find a Mother's help.

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