Friday, 1 July 2016

What does Brexit mean for au pairs?

Last Thursday, the referendum for Britain to leave the EU took place. As a result of this referendum many British host families and au pairs from the EU have asked what this means for the au pair programme. Up until recently young people from the EU could travel freely to the UK to participate in the au pair programme. For many years, they have been coming to the UK to enter into the au pair programme. The UK has long been a popular country for au pairs as they can improve their English, they have the opportunity to visit the many cultural sites and monuments throughout the UK and they can get to experience all that London city has to offer. For more information regarding the regulations and requirements for au pairs and host families in the UK see here.
There is a list of conditions and most of these conditions must apply in order for someone to be classed as an au pair. A central part of this list, is the requirement that the au pair live as part of the family and are here on a cultural exchange programme. The UK government sets out that an au pair lives as part of a host family and is given pocket money and the au pair is not usually considered to be an employee.
Following the result of the referendum, there has been much uncertainty as to the future of the au pair programme in the UK. Both the British au pair association BAPAA, and IAPA, the international au pair association have issued statements on the British referendum. Both have stated that they do not believe that the vote to leave the EU will affect Au Pairs for the foreseeable future.
Here in Kangaroo au pair we will also work hard to ensure that the very successful au pair programme in the UK is maintained. Currently young people from the EU, and those who have entered the UK on either a student or youth mobility visa can enter into the au pair programme in the UK. Over the years, thousands of young people have entered into the au pair programme in the UK.
We will continue to update you as more information is made available to us.

For more information regarding the au pair programme in the UK click here.

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