Sunday, 12 February 2017

Au Pair Trip in Ireland 26th February 2017

Calling all our au pairs in Ireland:


Our next au pair trip is on Sunday 26th February going to Wild Wicklow

Itinerary for the day: 
We leave at 8.45am from Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Dublin
* Short Dublin City tour
* Coastal drive past DunLaoghaire Harbour, Dalkey and Killiney,
* Avoca Handweavers - Morning Coffee* and craft shopping
* Glendalough - We personally guide you through this enchanting 6th Century Monastic Settlement
* Pub Lunch - Home cooking in a traditional Irish Pub*
* Sally Gap Adventure - mountain lakes, wild heather and barren boglands (location for Excalibur, Braveheart and P.S. I Love You)
Arrive back at Trinity College at 5.30-6pm
Cost of the trip is €28 for Kangaroo au pairs and their friends. Please contact us at to book your place before the 22nd February.
We are looking forward to seeing you then!

Friday, 1 July 2016

What does Brexit mean for au pairs?

Last Thursday, the referendum for Britain to leave the EU took place. As a result of this referendum many British host families and au pairs from the EU have asked what this means for the au pair programme. Up until recently young people from the EU could travel freely to the UK to participate in the au pair programme. For many years, they have been coming to the UK to enter into the au pair programme. The UK has long been a popular country for au pairs as they can improve their English, they have the opportunity to visit the many cultural sites and monuments throughout the UK and they can get to experience all that London city has to offer. For more information regarding the regulations and requirements for au pairs and host families in the UK see here.
There is a list of conditions and most of these conditions must apply in order for someone to be classed as an au pair. A central part of this list, is the requirement that the au pair live as part of the family and are here on a cultural exchange programme. The UK government sets out that an au pair lives as part of a host family and is given pocket money and the au pair is not usually considered to be an employee.
Following the result of the referendum, there has been much uncertainty as to the future of the au pair programme in the UK. Both the British au pair association BAPAA, and IAPA, the international au pair association have issued statements on the British referendum. Both have stated that they do not believe that the vote to leave the EU will affect Au Pairs for the foreseeable future.
Here in Kangaroo au pair we will also work hard to ensure that the very successful au pair programme in the UK is maintained. Currently young people from the EU, and those who have entered the UK on either a student or youth mobility visa can enter into the au pair programme in the UK. Over the years, thousands of young people have entered into the au pair programme in the UK.
We will continue to update you as more information is made available to us.

For more information regarding the au pair programme in the UK click here.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Proposed Au Pair bill Ireland

URGENT – au pair bill- we need your help!

Recently there has been a lot of talk in the press regarding au pair legislation. Back in
March an au pair brought her host family to court for under payment of salary. In this
case the judge deemed that the au pair was an ‘employee’ and as such was entitled to
minimum wage. The au pair was awarded just under €10,000. This case has left
approximately 20,000 au pair host families open to being sued by their au pair also.
Internationally an au pair placement is considered to be a cultural exchange programme
between a young foreign person and their host family. In the past this programme
worked well in Ireland as Irish people are warm and welcoming and are for the most
part, wonderful hosts to their au pairs. In the past, young men and women have come
to Ireland to learn English and take time out before beginning their professional career
or time out between their formal education. In exchange for living as part of the family
and help with integration into society, cultural learning, room, board and pocket money,
the au pair helps the family with some childcare. The courtcase in March has thrown this
au pair programme into disarray.

Recently Fianna Fail TD, Anne Rabbitte has proposed au pair legislation to govern the au pair programme in Ireland. As part of this legislation, an ‘aupair’ would be defined in Irish law as a cultural educational programme. If her bill became enacted, then au pairs would no longer be deemed to be employees and would be legislated for outside of employment law. This is really very good news but we need your help. 
We hope that this bill will be proposed to the Dail within the next few weeks. Following the legislation being presented to the Dail, TDs may then be asked to vote on this bill. In order to be enacted the majority of TDs in the Dail need to vote in favour of this bill.

We need your help!

Please email your local TD and request that them to vote for the au pair bill proposed by Anne Rabitte TD. Below is a template email which you can use:

Dear …..,
My name is ……. I am writing to you regarding a bill that is due to be proposed to the dail by Fianna Fail TD, Anne Rabbitte. I would urge you, on behalf of Irish families, to vote to enact this bill into being. This bill will not only ensure and safeguard the au pair programme in Ireland but it will also ensure fair treatment for host families and au pairs into the future. For the sake of approximately 20,000 Irish host families I sincerely request that you vote for this bill.
Your sincerely,

To find the contact details of your local TDs please click the following link:

If you have any other questions regarding the above please get in touch.
Kind Regards, 

Corinna Duke
Kangaroo Au Pair

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Au Pair Working Hours and Wages Ireland

*Au pair working hours and wages Ireland
A number of families and au pairs have asked us how many hours of work equate to a particular salaries. We have compiled the tables to help.  Please also note that the below hours have been rounded to the nearest hour and that the allowable weekly deduction of €54.13 per week has also been subtracted from the overall figure. For full information regarding employing an au pair please contact your financial advisor.

Minimum Wages for Au pairs:
From our understanding of employing an au pair the following minimum wages apply.
Au pair who is in her first year of employment: €7.32 per hour
Au pair who is her second year of employment: €8.24 per hour
Au pair who has worked for more than 24 months : €9.15 per hour

Other things to note:
1. Employments include employments in any country.
2. The majority of au pairs are young adults who have never worked before. If this is the case the minimum hourly wage of €7.32 applies.

Au pair in their first year of employment:
Salary of €100 per week equates to 21 hours of work
Salary of €125 per week equates to 24hours of work
Salary of €150 per week equates to 28 hours of work
Salary of €200 per week equates to 35 hours of work
Au pair in their second year of employment:
Salary of €100 per week equates to 19 hours of work
Salary of €125 per week equates to 22 hours of work
Salary of €150 per week equates to 25 hours of work
Salary of €200 per week equates to 31 hours of work
Au pairs who have worked for more than 24 months
Salary of €100 per week equates to 17 hours of work
Salary of €125 per week equates to 20 hours of work
Salary of €150 per week equates to 22 hours of work
Salary of €200 per week equates to 28 hours of work

For more information regarding employing a domestic worker please also see the workplace relations website publication Employing a domestic worker

*Please note that this article was published on the 16th June 2016. At the time of publication there was no au pair specific legislation in Ireland. However an au pair bill is due to be proposed to the Dail in the summer of 2016. For more information regarding the proposed au pair legislation see here.

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