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Au pairing in Australia - The Student Guide

Taking a gap year in Australia looking for a job.jpegThis month, Kangaroo Au pair is bringing you the perks of au pairing down under. Have you dreamed of visiting the beaches of Sydney, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast? Are you a student looking to travel but don’t have the budget? Au pairing in Australia is the answer!
Kangaroo Au pair is working to pair Australian host families with young people taking a gap year or simply travelling for the summer. For students looking for an authentic Australian experience we could not recommend Au pairing in Australia more highly. Here are our top 5 reasons to au pair in Australia:

1. You can travel at minimum expense.
First of all let's talk logistics. Whilst the Gold Coast may be calling your name, the reality is that money is the obstacle for students looking to travelling the world.

Looking to au pair in Australia .jpegOne of the greatest things about au pairing is that you can see the world without breaking the bank! As a young person travelling to Australia, choosing to become an au pair means your living costs are low. Au pairs are provided with their own room, board and food in their host family’s home. In return for the duties of looking after children and giving a hand with housework, au pairs receive pocket money. This pocket money means that you will be able to go travelling and explore this amazing country in your spare time or at the end of your au pair stay. So, the with the burden of living costs out of the picture and with pocket money in hand, the costs of voyaging down under are no longer such a burden. (Sigh of relief)

2. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your Australian host family.
Going to live in a different country with a whole new family may seem daunting. This is why choosing your host family is so important!

From Melbourne city to the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay (think of the Insta’ opportunities!), families looking for au pairs stretch the length and breadth of the country.
Kangaroo aupair, looking to work in australia.jpgSo, whether it’s a city experience or months of living on the beach that you have in mind, whether you dream of being the au pair of toddlers or would prefer to develop your childcare skills with older children, the choice is yours! Kangaroo au pair can help you to find your perfect match so that you can make connections with a new family which will last a lifetime - and this is no cliché. Au pairing is the most amazing way to bond with kids and watch them grow - and believe me, they will always remember you!

Australian host family.jpeg Angie and her family are one of many Australian host families looking to welcome an au pair into their family for the summer. This family who are living in a beautiful coastal town between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, are in search for a fun living and responsible au pair for their two children. The duties of their an au pair would be to drop and collect children from school as well as helping them with their homework and activities and preparing their healthy meals in the evenings.  
And, as if living along this beautiful Australian coastline isn’t enough, your weekends off can be spent enjoying their pool and putting pocket money of $300 dollars a week to good use.
So, if you’ve set to register - it’s never too late. Sign up today for free to discover the many more families which could be a match for you!

3. Guaranteed Employment
aupairing in autralia.jpgFinding employment when travelling or taking a gap year in Australia can be challenging, especially if you want to organise it all before you go. Choosing to au pair means that you can leaving home with a guaranteed job already in place on the other side and a family ready to welcome you with open arms. It’s a no brainer really!
In essence, think of it like this; you can set off to Australia on the adventure of a lifetime with guaranteed work which covers your accommodation and living expenses!  
This must be too good to be true.. 

4. You have a home away from home
host families in australia.jpgAs a student leaving home, it can often feel overwhelming moving into the real world on your own - especially when travelling to somewhere that you’ve never been to before. Although Australia may be far from home, you are becoming a member of a family who will help you settle in and offer you support when you need it. You will live with, go on family outings and have meals with your new Australian family!
This is the great thing about au pairing - you can experience independent life while retaining many ‘home comforts’. It really is the best of both worlds.
Being an au pair, you will fit in as one of the family but at the same time be given pocket money and free time to explore. What’s more, there are many families looking to welcome young people into their homes!

5. A real cultural experience  
looking for a job in australia.jpgBeing a tourist in a foreign place is one thing but when it comes to au pairing, integrating into a local family allows you to learn the way of life of an Australian family. Imagine yourself nipping down to the local surf club to collect the kids from camp, calling into the fishmonger before dinner -  you’ll get a portrait of life in Australia that you would otherwise never get to experience.
Au pairing is not full time - au pairs are given evenings and full days off to travel and put that pocket money to good use! Australia’s wildlife, beaches and cities are some of the most magnificent in the world. Au pairing will give you the time to explore Bondi beach, national parks and the Australian Wildlife! Your time off is yours to spend as you choose discovering Australia’s vibrant culture. It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The best way to explain the beauty of this arrangement is simply by translating the words “Au pair” into English. Au pair means “at par”, revealing the unique relationship that is fostered with a host family. This is no employer employee relationship but one in which you, as an au pair, are immersed into the family and their unique culture! And with that, I ask you this; What is stopping you now from signing up as an au pair and exploring the beauty of the Australian lifestyle? It is an opportunity not to be missed if you are looking for an adventure and a once in a lifetime experience!

Would you like to au pair in Australia? Check out our fantastic Australian host families and read more about our Australian Au Pair programmes.  
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