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What is a live-out au pair?

We have written this blog to try to give a comprehensive explanation as to what a live-out au pair is. We regularly receive queries from families and au pairs about live-out au pairs.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a 'live-out au pair' is and we hope that we can rectify some of these misunderstandings.

What is a live-out au pair?

In recent years the term 'live-out au pair' has become very commonly used. Last year we did an interview with the Irish Times to discuss live-out au pairs. To read this article, please see here

An au pair, by it's very nature is a cultural exchange program in which the au pair lives with a host family. The whole idea of being an au pair is based on the fact that the au pair is a young person coming from abroad to partake in an intercultural exchange. Living with a host family is the main foundation of all au pair programs. Au pairs have the chance to experience a different culture, a different family and a different language. Au pairs share some of the activities of their host family. Living with the host family ensures that the au pair gets to experience the food that the host family eats, the culture and traditions of the country, how they relate to other people, what their main hobbies are, etc. An au pair works between 25-35 hours per week with the majority of work being childcare. An au pair will have time of to attend language classes if she so wishes.

The term 'live-out au pair' does not exist. We often have enquiries from families who do not have a spare room or do not have room for an au pair. We also get enquiries from girls who would like to be a 'live-out au pair' because they would rather live with their friends or boyfriend rather than living with a host family. A live-out au pair is a 'childcarer' and must receive at least minimum wage. A childcarer is an employee and can work longer hours than an au pair. They have the same entitlements as any other employee. They will often be a foreign national and will mind your children in your home. As part of their responsibilities a childcarer will often do some housework and might be asked to cook the family meal. 

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